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XpertSkills - the parent company under which iCollege operates - was established in South Africa in 2003 and since then, we have grown globally in leaps and bounds with customers and partners in more than 120 countries. With employees on 3 continents and as a next-generation, virtual organization we are unconstrained by the limits that are usually associated with traditional “brick & mortar” companies.

This allows us to focus, without distraction, on reaching our ultimate goal – ensuring your ongoing success – by providing affordable, reliable, high quality and relevant learning products whilst remaining innovative and agile.

Contact Details:

Web: www.xpertskills.com
Skype: xpertskills
Mail: info@xpertskills.com

Physical Address:

Head Office - South Africa
16 Monte Carlo Crescent
Kyalami business Park
South Africa 1684

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Offer price is   $ 3545  $ 245

The Live Practice Lab Bundle
Is The Next Step to being
The Best In Your Field

Get The Real World Experience Needed To Prepare For Industry Certifications

Live Labs are completely immersive way to test your knowledge and see just how well you know what you learned in our E-Courses series.

With Live Labs you get access to real tools in real world scenarios that guide you through the process of applying what you've learned through our E-Course. Refine your skills so that when it comes to proving you know your skills you can do so confidently. Using Live Labs are key part of preparing to take your certification exam and leveling up in your career.

Live Practice Lab All Access Bundle Now 93% Off

You’ve gone through our E-Learning courses, maybe read the books, and are now ready for the next step to getting your industry certification.

But what is the elusive next step and how can you truly test whether what you’ve learned in class has actually sunk in?

The Answer Practical experience.

Get Your Live Practice Lab Bundle for 93% Off!

Offer price is   $ 3545   $ 245

Our Live Practice Lab Bundle Includes Everything
Needed To Apply Your E-Course Knowledge

You need to know that what you’ve learned can be applied to real world scenarios. Our Live Practice Lab bundle gives you the real world experience you need to get your feet wet and prove you have what it takes to master your skills.
  • Complete access to our entire library of Live Practice Lab’s
  • 131+ Labs plus access to new releases
  • 1820+ Hours of practical exercises
  • Gain practical experience with real-world scenarios
  • Access to real hardware & software in real time
  • Experiment & put theory to practice
  • Includes exercises designed to prepare for exams.
  • 12 Months access
  • 10-Day money-back guarantee

Live Practice Lab Demo

Take our Live Practice Labs for a spin with our Lab Demo. You'll get an idea of just how immersive our labs are and what you can expect when working with a tool that lets you put your book knowledge to work in a real world setting.

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