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Cisco 210-260: Implementing Cisco Network Security

Instructor-led video course with presentations, workbooks, games, flashcards and quizzes.
Cisco 210-260: Implementing the Cisco Network Security course focusing on security principles and technologies, using Cisco security products to provide hands-on examples. Using instructor-led discussions, extensive hands-on lab exercises, and supplemental materials, this course allows learners to understand common security concepts, and deploy basic security techniques utilizing a variety of popular security appliances within a real-life network infrastructure.
  • Deploy basic firewalling services
  • Secure routing and switching infrastructure
  • Deploy basic authentication, authorization and accounting services
  • Describe common network security concepts
  • Describe the use of more advanced security services such as intrusion protection, content security, and identity management
  • Deploy basic site-to-site and remote access VPN services

In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should already have the following technical knowledge:

  • Working knowledge of the Windows operating system
  • Skills and knowledge equivalent to those learned in Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1
  • Working knowledge of Cisco IOS networking and concepts
Target Audience
  • This course is for IT security professionals
  • This course is for IT professionals
  • This course is for Aspiring security and IT professionals

Module 1: Network Review

1.1 Course Introduction

1.2 Network Review Part 1

1.3 Network Review Part 2

1.4 Network Review Part 3

1.5 Network Review Part 4

Module 2: Terminology And Fundamentals

2.1 Terminology And Fundamentals Part 1

2.2 Terminology And Fundamentals Part 2

2.3 Terminology And Fundamentals Part 3

2.4 Terminology And Fundamentals Part 4

2.5 Terminology And Fundamentals Part 5

2.6 Terminology And Fundamentals Part 6

2.7 Terminology And Fundamentals Part 7

Module 3: PKI And Cryptography

3.1 Pki And Cryptography Part 1

3.2 Pki And Cryptography Part 2

Module 4: AAA

4.1 AAA Part 1

4.2 AAA Part 2

4.3 AAA Part 3

Module 5: Bring Your Own Device

5.1 Bring Your Own Device Part 1

5.2 Bring Your Own Device Part 2

5.3 Bring Your Own Device Part 3

Module 6: Secure Access

6.1 Secure Access Part 1

6.2 Secure Access Part 2

6.3 Secure Access Part 3

6.4 Secure Access Demo

Module 7: VPNs

7.1 VPN Concepts Part 1

7.2 VPN Concepts Part 2

7.3 Remote Access VPNs Part 1

7.4 Remote Access VPNs Part 2

7.5 Site To Site VPNs

Module 8: Secure Routing And Switching

8.1 Secure Routing And Switching Part 1

8.2 Secure Routing And Switching Part 2

8.3 Secure Routing And Switching Demo 1

8.4 Secure Routing And Switching Demo 2

8.5 Layer2 Attacks Part 1

8.6 Layer2 Attacks Part 2

8.7 Layer2 Attacks Part 3

8.9 Mitigation Part 1

8.10 Mitigation Part 2

Module 9: Firewalls

9.1 Firewall Technologies Part 1

9.2 Firewall Technologies Part 2

9.3 Implementing Nat Part 1

9.4 Implementing Nat Part 2

9.5 Zone Based Firewall

9.6 Firewall Features On The ASA Part 1

9.7 Firewall Features On The ASA Part 2

9.8 Firewall Features On The ASA Part 3

Module 10: Intrusion Protection System (IPS)

10.1 Intrusion Protection System Part 1

10.2 Intrusion Protection System Part 2

Module 11: Content And Endpoint Security

11.1 Content And Endpoint Security Part 1

11.2 Content And Endpoint Security Part 2

11.3 Course Conclusion

E-COURSE Expert-led video course with presentations, workbooks, quizzes, games and flashcards.
  • 14:01:16+ Hours Of learning
  • Includes video, presentations, workbooks, quizzes, flashcards & games
  • Receive a Certificate of Excellence on successful completion
  • Presented by highly qualified, industry leading experts
  • 12 Months access
  • 10-Day money-back guarantee
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