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Sage 50 Certificate Course

Interactive and entertaining talk-show style format presented by industry leading experts.

This Sage 50 certificate training course will help you to learn how to accurately manage your supplier’s details, process invoices and sales, produce financial reports and manage the business VAT records. This course is beneficial to anyone that wants to start-up their own business and take control of their own business finances. In addition, this course will enhance your employee ability skills and make your CV more attractive to prospective employers. 

The Sage 50 course is suitable for beginners as well as those with previous experience in accounts who are looking to refresh their skills. Sage 50 has earned its reputation in the accounting field with superior inventory management features and a robust software program to manage almost any companies accounting infrastructure. Sage 50 does more than just assist users in managing the day to day accounting tasks. It’s a feature-rich program that allows accounting professionals to run a company’s books in a timely and efficient manner.

  • The Basics Of Sage 50
  • An Overview Of The Various Aspects Of Sage 50
  • How To Create Invoices
  • How To Pay Relevant Taxes
  • How To Set Up Order Processing
  • How To Run A Businesses Books In A Timely And Efficient Manner
  • Banking With Sage 50
  • How To Set Up Stock Control
  • How To Print Statements
  • How To Check And Manage Inventory
  • Much More
  • There are no testing prerequisites for this course
  • Basic accounting knowledge
  • Basic inventory management skills
Target Audience
  • Business Owners
  • Finance Assistant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Finance Manager

Module 1: Sage 50 2013

1.1 Course Overview

1.2 New Features

1.3 Quick Tab Menu Overview

1.4 Business Status

1.5 Customer and Sales

1.6 Vendors and Purchases

1.7 Inventory and Services

1.8 Employees and Payroll

1.9 Banking

1.10 System

1.11 Quick Tab Menu Review

1.12 Sage 50 Menu Overview

1.13 Review

Module 2: Sage 50 Basics

2.1 Sage 50 Available Products

2.2 Accounts Payable Features

2.3 Vendors and Purchases

2.4 Accounts Payable Review

2.5 Accounts Receivable Overview

2.6 Customer and Sales Menu

2.7 Customers

2.8 Jobs

2.9 Sales Taxes

2.10 Quotes and Proposals

2.11 Sales Orders

2.12 Invoices

2.13 Finance Charges

2.14 Receive Money

2.15 Bank Accounts

2.16 Printing Statements

2.17 Credits and Returns

2.18 Accounts Receivable Reports

2.19 Review

Module 3: Inventory 

3.1 Inventory and Services Overview

3.2 Inventory Items

3.3 Company Services

3.4 Assemblies and Prices

3.5 Purchase Orders

3.6 Receiving Inventory, Shipping and Tracking

3.7 Inventory Count and Adjustments

3.8 Inventory Reports

3.9 Review

Module 4: Employee

4.1 Employees and Payroll Overview

4.2 Employees and Users

4.3 1099’s

4.4 Payroll Setup

4.5 Time and Expense Tickets

4.6 Direct Deposit and Printing Payroll Checks

4.7 Forms and Void Checks

4.8 Review

Module 5: Banking

5.1 Banking Features Overview

5.2 Write Checks

5.3 Account Register

5.4 Analysis Tools

5.5 Chart of Accounts

5.6 Receive Money and Bank Deposits

5.7 Enter Bills, Pay Bills and Electronic Bill Pay

5.8 Reconcile Accounts

5.9 General Journal Entries

5.10 Void Checks and Reports

5.11 Review

Module 6: Maintenance

6.1 Automatic Backup

6.2 Back Up data

6.3 Back Up data

6.4 Automatic Backup

6.5 Restore Data

6.6 Data Maintenance

6.7 System Checks

6.8 Company Maintenance

6.9 Data Integrity

6.10 Review

Module 7: File Handling

7.1 Attaching Documents

7.2 Attaching and Managing Documents

7.3 Review

Module 8: Manager

8.1 Analysis Managers

8.2 Cash Flow Manager

8.3 Collection Manager

8.4 Payment Manager

8.5 Financial Manager

8.6 Review

Module 9: Jobs

9.1 Maintaining Jobs

9.2 Creating Jobs

9.3 Managing Jobs

9.4 Review

Module 10: Budgets

10.1 Maintain Budgets

10.2 Creating and Managing Budgets

10.3 Review

Module 11: Charts of Accounts

11.1 Maintain Chart of Accounts

11.2 Creating Accounts

11.3 Accounts List

11.4 Review

Module 12: Accounts Management

12.1 Maintain Customers and Prospects

12.2 Adding Customers and Prospects

12.3 Account Aging

12.4 Finance Charges

12.5 Payment Methods

12.6 Managing a Customer Account

12.7 Review

Module 13: Customer Setup

13.1 Customer Setup Guide

13.2 Customer Setup

13.3 Customer Beginning Balance

13.4 Customer Account Defaults

13.5 Sales Tax

13.6 Statement and Invoice Defaults

13.7 Review

Module 14: Jobs Setup

14.1 Jobs Setup Guide

14.2 Jobs Setup

14.3 Jobs Change Order

14.4 Jobs Ledger

14.5 Job Profitability Report

14.6 Jobs Beginning Balances

14.7 Jobs Defaults

14.8 Review

Module 15: Vendor Setup

15.1 Vendors Setup Guide

15.2 Vendor Setup

15.3 Vendor Beginning Balances

15.4 Vendor Defaults

15.5 Review

Module 16: Inventory Setup

16.1 Inventory and Service Items Setup

16.2 Adding and Managing Inventory and Service Items

16.3 Quantities on Hand

16.4 Inventory and Service Items Default Setup

16.5 Review

Module 17: Employee Setup

17.1 Employees Setup Guide

17.2 Employee Payroll Settings

17.3 Payroll Options Settings

17.4 Company Information Settings

17.5 Benefits Settings

17.6 Payroll Taxes and Place Order Settings

17.7 Employee Setup

17.8 Salary History Setup

17.9 Employees Default Setup

17.10 Review

Module 18: Security Setup

18.1 Security Setup Guide

18.2 Setup Up Security

18.3 Set Up Users

18.4 User Security Setup

18.5 User List Rights and Permissions

18.6 Setup Guide Next Steps

18.7 Review

Module 19: ACTI Link

19.1 Sage 50 ACT

19.2 Sage ACT Link

19.3 ACT Accounting Link Setup

19.4 Creating and Editing Contact Links

19.5 Contact Link Updates Options

19.6 Review

Module 20: Task Overview

20.1 Tasks Menu

20.2 Quotes, Sales Orders and Proposals

20.3 Sales Invoicing and Time Expenses

20.4 Shipments

20.5 Receipts

20.6 Finance Charges

20.7 Select For Deposit

20.8 Credit Memos

20.9 Select For Purchase Orders

20.10 Bills and Payments

20.11 Bills and Payments

20.12 Account Register

20.13 Time and Expense

20.14 Select for Payroll Entry

20.15 General Journal Entry

20.16 Assemblies

20.17 Account Reconciliation and Void Checks

20.18 Write Letters and Action Items

20.19 System Tasks

20.20 Review

Module 21: Forms, Reports, and Recap

21.1 Reports and Forms

21.2 Form Types and Sample Forms

21.3 Reports

21.4 Services

21.5 Program Review

?Interactive and entertaining talk-show style format presented by industry leading experts.
  • 03:28:09 Hours of learning
  • Receive a Certificate of Excellence on successful completion
  • Presented by highly qualified, industry leading experts
  • 12 Months access
  • 10-Day money-back guarantee
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