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Cyber Security Awareness and Prevention

Instructor-led video course with presentations, workbooks, games, flashcards and quizzes.

Do you know how to keep your network safe? Is your email as secure as it could be? Are you able to use anti-virus software? Every year businesses spend large amounts of capital to ensure that they have the latest security measures in place. The job market for Cyber Security is, therefore, growing at an exponential rate. This course will teach you how to stay safe and secure and provide you with the knowledge to apply the proper amount of digital protection to your home or office computer systems. If you’re hoping to pursue a career in cyber security, then this course would be the perfect place to start.

  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Email security
  • Staying safe on the internet
  • Digital protection
  • Anti-virus software
  • A basic understanding of operating systems, networks, and the Internet is helpful.
  • You should be able to download documents and install software.
  • You should know how to use a computer.
Target Audience
  • This course is for Science & Technology Professionals.
  • This course is for anyone who wants to be protected in the digital age.
  • This is course is for administrative personnel.

Module 1: Cyber Security Awareness and Prevention

 1.1 Course Introduction

 1.2 Where We Are Today

 1.3 Areas Of Protection

 1.4 The Connection - Part 1

 1.5 The Connection - Part 2

 1.6 Network Protection

 1.7 Browsing Blunders - Part 1

 1.8 Browsing Blunders - Part 2

 1.9 Settings - Part 1

 1.10 Settings - Part 2

 1.11 Settings - Part 3

 1.12 Settings - Part 4

 1.13 Cookies

 1.14 Browsing Tips And Tricks

 1.15 Email Cant Hurt You Right - Part 1

 1.16 Email Cant Hurt You Right - Part 2

 1.17 Viruses - Part 1

 1.18 Viruses - Part 2

 1.19 Viruses - Part 3

 1.20 Course Outro

Module 2: Managing Mobile Device Security

 2.1 Managing Mobile Device Security Part1

 2.2 Managing Mobile Device Security Part2

 2.3 Secure Access

 2.4 Secure Access iPhone Demo

 2.5 Secure Access Android Demo

 2.6 Protect The Data

 2.7 Protect The Data Android Demo

 2.8 Protect The Data iPhone Demo

 2.9 Manage App Access

 2.10 Manage App Access iPhone Demo

 2.11 Manage App Access Android Demo

 2.12 Stay Up To Date

 2.13 Stay Up To Date Android Demo

 2.14 Stay Up To Date iPhone Demo

 2.15 Use Other Tools To Help

 2.16 Prepare For The Worst

 2.17 Prepare For The Worst Android Demo

 2.18 Prepare For The Worst iPhone Demo

 2.19 Best Practices

E-COURSE Expert-led video course with presentations, workbooks, quizzes, games and flashcards.
  • 07:10:55+ Hours Of learning
  • Includes video, presentations, workbooks, quizzes, flashcards & games
  • Receive a Certificate of Excellence on successful completion
  • Presented by highly qualified, industry leading experts
  • 12 Months access
  • 10-Day money-back guarantee
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