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Quickbooks Premier 2014

Instructor-led video course with presentations, workbooks, games, flashcards and quizzes.
This QuickBooks Premier 2014 Essential training course is comprehensive and is designed to cover the key areas listed under the curriculum. Combining a variety of accounting processes into one user-friendly system, QuickBooks will condense and simplify your business transactions, making it easier for you. This course covers everything and takes you through QuickBooks step by step, containing helpful modules on how to navigate the software, complete payroll functions, receive and deposit money and much more.
  • How to set up QuickBooks Online for your clients
  • How to Create a company file
  • Navigate QuickBooks
  • Create a chart of accounts
  • Add the accounts you need to your chart of accounts
  • Setting up customers, vendors, and products
  • Create and send invoices and sales receipts
  • Enter and pay bills
  • Make journal entries
  • Track expenses and income
  • Manage your Account Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Connect to your bank through QuickBooks
  • Create budgets, run reports and much more!
  • You will need access to Quickbooks Desktop (preferably version 2006 - although recent versions - 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 are very similar).
  • You'll need access to Quickbooks in order to complete the assignment.

Module 1: Intro and Setup

1.1 Intro to Quickbooks

1.2 Setup Quickbooks

Module 2: Tools

2.1 Tools - Part 1

2.2 Tools - Part 2

2.3 Tools - Part 3

Module 3: Preferences

3.1 Preferences

3.2 Email Preferences

Module 4: Security & Users

4.1 Security and Users

Module 5: Estimates

5.1 Estimates

Module 6: Sales Orders

6.1 Sales and Orders

Module 7: Receiving Money

7.1 Account Receivable

7.2 Batch Invoicing

7.3 Customer Deposits

Module 8: Bounced Checks

8.1 Bounced Checks

Module 9: Specific Tracking

9.1 Vehicle Mileage

9.2 Class Tracking Transactions

Module 10: Receiving and Depositing

10.1 Receiving Payments

10.2 Making Deposits

Module 11: Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

11.1 Credit Cards

11.2 Bank Accounts

Module 12: Payroll

12.1 Payroll Preferences

12.2 Employee Setup

12.3 Processing Payroll

12.4 Payroll Tax Forms

12.5 Job Costing with Payroll

12.6 Payroll Setup Advance

12.7 Workers Compensation

Module 13: Transactions

13.1 Special Transactions

13.2 Memorized Transactions

Module 14: Accounts and Reports

14.1 Other Account Types

14.2 Quickbooks Reporting

14.3 Advance Reporting

14.4 Budgets and Forecast

Module 15: Integrating with Word

15.1 Writing Letters in Microsoft Word

Module 16: Data Types

16.1 Converting, Importing and Exporting

16.2 Quickbooks backup Data Integrity

16.3 Multi-Currencies

Module 17: Conclusion

17.1 Advance Features

17.2 Update or Upgrade

17.3 Summary of Quickbooks

E-COURSE Expert-led video course with presentations, workbooks, quizzes, games and flashcards.
  • 06:09:00+ Hours Of learning
  • Includes video, presentations, workbooks, quizzes, flashcards & games
  • Receive a Certificate of Excellence on successful completion
  • Presented by highly qualified, industry leading experts
  • 12 Months access
  • 10-Day money-back guarantee
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