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Adobe After Effects

Interactive and entertaining talk-show style format presented by industry leading experts.
After Effects CC software lets you deliver cinematic visual effects and motion graphics faster than ever before with new Global Performance Cache. Explore advanced techniques used by professionals to create motion graphics and video effects for real-world applications. Learn about advanced 3D kinetic typography and infographic techniques, expressions, audio and linking vision to audio, and much more.
  • Be determined to learn Motion Graphics using After Effects
  • Be Ready to create all the projects in the practice activities
  • No Prior Knowledge of After Effects is required
  • No Experience in Motion Graphics using After Effects is required

Module 1: Introduction to After Effects

1.1 Introduction

1.2 What is After Effects?

1.3 Creating a New Project in After Effects

1.4 Creating and Animating Primitive Shapes Demo - Part1

1.5 Creating and Animating Primitive Shapes Demo -Part2

1.6 Simply Bouncing Ball Demo -Part1

1.7 Simply Bouncy Ball Demo - Part2

1.8 Complex Bouncy Ball Demo - Part1

1.9 Complex Bouncing Ball Demo - Part2

1.10 Exporting from After Effects

1.11 Curves Editor Demo

1.12 Importing Footage - Part1

1.13 Importing Footage - Part2

1.14 Parenting - Part1

1.15 Parenting - Part2

Module 2: Intermediate Effects and Techniques in After Effects

2.1 3D Layers and Cameras Demo - Part1

2.2 3D Layers and Cameras Demo - Part2

2.3 Animating Text Demo - Part1

2.4 Animating Text Demo - Part2

2.5 Animating Text Demo - Part3

2.6 Animating Text Demo - Part4

2.7 Importing and Syncing Audio

2.8 Particles Demo - Part1

2.9 Particles Demo - Part2

2.10 Lights Demo

2.11 Common Effects in After Effects

Module 3: More Advanced Effects and Techniques in After Effects

3.1 Puppet Building Demo - Part1

3.2 Puppet Building Demo - Part2

3.3 Puppet Building Demo - Part3

?Interactive and entertaining talk-show style format presented by industry leading experts.
  • 12:37:00 Hours of learning
  • Receive a Certificate of Excellence on successful completion
  • Presented by highly qualified, industry leading experts
  • 12 Months access
  • 10-Day money-back guarantee
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