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Microsoft 70-243 Administering and Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager


Microsoft 70-243 Administering and Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

Practical exercises in a live environment to help you get real-world, hands-on experience.


The 70-243 Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager 2012. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in planning and designing System Centre Configuration Manager infrastructure, managing operating system deployment (OSD) deploying application and software updates, managing compliance settings, sites, clients, inventory, reports and queries. These same tasks will help you understand the objectives and competencies required by the Microsoft 70-243 certification exam.

Vendor:   Microsoft
Vendor Id:   70-243
Version:   1
Level:   Entry
Learning Time:   1200  Minutes


  1. Planning System Center Configuration Manager
  2. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Configuring Prerequisites for SCCM 2012
    • Installing Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 8.1
    • Extending Active Directory Schema for SCCM 2012
    • Creating Standalone Primary Site
    • Summary
  3. Configuring an OS deployment in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  4. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Installing and configuring Prerequisite’s for OSD in SCCM 2012
    • System Center 2012 Task Sequence
    • Summary
  5. Creating and Deploying VHD
  6. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Creating and Deploying VHD using SCCM 2012
    • Summary
  7. Administering and Deploying Applications
  8. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Create and Deploy Applications in SCCM 2012
    • Create and Deploy an MSI Package
    • Summary
  9. Monitor Application Deployment
  10. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Working with Distribution Points
    • Working with Distribution Point Groups
    • Configure Reporting
    • Summary
  11. Manage Software Library and Application Catalog
  12. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Install and Configure the Application Catalog Self-Service Website in SCCM
    • Configure the Settings for Software Center
    • Summary
  13. Create and Monitor Software Updates
  14. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Deploying Software Updates
    • Creating Automatic Deployment Rule
    • Summary
  15. Administering and Deploying Endpoint Protection
  16. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Installing an Endpoint Protection Site System Role
    • Configure Definition Updates for Endpoint Protection
    • Create and Deploy Antimalware Policies for Endpoint Protection
    • Configure Custom Client Settings for Endpoint Protection
    • Provision Endpoint Protection
    • Summary
  17. Configuration Items and Baselines
  18. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Create Windows Configuration Items for Compliance Settings
    • Create Configuration Baseline and Deploy the Baseline
    • Import Configuration Data in SCCM 2012
    • Summary
  19. Manage Collections
  20. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Creating a Device Collections
    • Creating User Collections
    • Exporting and Importing Collections
    • Manage User Collections
    • Summary
  21. Configure Software Updates
  22. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Installing and Configuring WSUS
    • Install and Configure Software Update Point Role
    • Create Software Update Group
    • Summary
  23. Manage Site Communications
  24. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Manage Site Communications
    • Summary
  25. Manage Boundary Groups
  26. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Creating and Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups
    • Associate Management Point with Boundary Group
    • Summary
  27. Manage Role-based Security
  28. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Manage Role-based Security
    • Summary
  29. Deploy Clients
  30. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Installing Client using Windows Group Policy
    • Install Client using Client Push Method
    • Install SCCM client using Logon Scripts
    • Manually Install SCCM Clients
    • Configure Client Health
    • Summary
  31. Manage Client Agent Settings
  32. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Manage Client Settings
    • Summary
  33. Manage Hardware Inventory
  34. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Working with MOF Settings
    • Add a New Inventory Class from WMI Namespace
    • Import and Export Hardware Inventory Classes
    • Enable and Disable Existing Inventory Classes
    • Use Management Information Files to Extend Hardware Inventory
    • Summary
  35. Manage Software Inventory
  36. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Manage Software Inventory
    • Summary
  37. Monitor Inventory Data Flow
  38. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Monitor an Inventory Data Flow from Client to Site
    • Summary
  39. Building Queries in SCCM
  40. Exercises:
    • Introduction
    • Manage Queries
    • Summary
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