Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server 2013

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This course covers the following topics in order to prepare students for the Microsoft 70-342 Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server 2013: how to configure, manage, and migrate unified messaging, how to design, configure, and manage site resiliency, how to design, configure, and manage advanced security, how to configure and manage compliance, archiving, and discovery solutions, and how to implement and manage coexistence, hybrid scenarios, migration, and federation.

Skills Learned

  • Availability site-resilience solutions
  • Advanced security
  • Compliance and discovery
  • Migration and federation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Unified messaging

Module 1: Overview

Module 2: Beginning Powershell  
Module 3: Exchange Control Panel

Module 4: Create A New Mailbox with Powershell

Module 5: Mailbox Statistics With Powershell

Module 6: Intermediate Powershell    

Module 7: Unified Messaging

Module 8: Installation and Configuration

Module 9: Exchange Online

Module 10: Advanced Design 

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